John Guest

Global standards, global connection methods - John Guest internationally recognized company with a long history. Intuitive engineering spirit that brought us there where we are today, gives our designers and engineers, team strength not only for finding global contacts and diverse, high-quality and approved standards, but also an opportunity to look to the future - for the development of new experiences and quality . The company makes effective product and service development. John Guest company  has a unique position to provide global solutions to global engineering and sales network, expansion of ties and binding decisions between geographical and cultural boundaries. Our main product range covers the entire spectrum of pipe fittings production and connections to European, American and Far Eastern markets. Trademarks "Speedfit" and "John Guest" are John Guest International Limited registered trademarks.We do not belong to the John Guest Group. Product's specification you can find on John Guest webpage John Guest reserves the right to update the technical specifications of the goods from time to time.