For many manufacturing enterprises is very important water quality. Watex are ready to provide equipment to produce high-quality water for production. We install equipment for iron removal, softening and desalination, as well as ultraviolet water purification. Design and install  systems with a capacity of 1 to 2000 m3 / h. We also offer reagents for water purification.

Watex offers an individual approach to any kind of production.

Reverse osmosis (removal of salts from water)

Pöördosmoos (soolade eemaldamine veest)

The basis of the osmosis principle is a selective passage of molecules and ions with a certain size through a semipermeable membrane, under the condition, that the separation by  membrane of the two salt solutions with different concentrations. Water by reverse osmosis is purified from salts, heavy metals, organic substances, microorganisms.

For desalination can be used any type of water – from the  sea, river, lake or ground water and waste water. Depending on the type of membrane and the process connection, water contamination can be reduced to 80-99,7%. Equipment capable of producing up to 480 m3 of clean water per day, on average, equal to 80% of the treated water.

Iron removal

Watex FA series filters intended for industrial cleaning from turbidity, oxidized iron, manganese, permanganate, ammonia and odor.

Incoming water is filtered through quartz sand and anthracite. The porous structure of anthracite forms a large active surface, which provides effective absorption and accumulation of filterable substances. Compare to other filter materials, anthracite is lighter and thus it is easier to wash with low amount of water.

Watex equipment for iron removal can clean up to 2,400 m3 of water.


Devices WATEX CMS designed for industry and households. This device is not only capable of removing water hardness, but to completely remove iron ( if the iron level does not exceed 3.0 mg / l). For cleaning process is used reagent NaCl salt tablets. It is used for ion exchange resins regeneration.

To date Watex installed equipment with a capacity of 1000m3 per day.