Water analysis

By analyzing the water we define water quality and offer a solution, if the quality does not conform to the requirements.

Even clean, at first sight water may contain large amounts of iron, manganese, calcium and other chemical elements. It can also have unpleasant color and odor.  To accurately determine the water pollution degree, we offer laboratory water analysis. After receiving the results, we offer you consultation for the selection of a suitable filter.


We offer laboratory  water analysis of 19 parameters that have the greatest influence on the degree of contamination (bacterial analysis is not included).


How to bring water for analysis? 

Pour into a clean plastic or glass 1.5 liter bottle water from the tap.

Ikonas_Analysis-15-min Before you pour water into a bottle, open the tap and wait for about 15 minutes so that the water will be fresh not from the pipes.
Ikonas_Analysis-fill-bottle Try to fill the bottle to the edge to avoid air in the bottle.
Ikonas_Analysis-deliver-bottle Water samples should be delivered as soon as possible (preferably on the same day) either by post to our office in Ganibu Dambis 27 k-5 Riga LV-1005
Through Omniva Package terminal : Riga P.Brieža i Rimi Package terminal Pulkveža Brieža iela 33, Riga

The results come within 2 working days.