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CINTROPUR NW25 Filtrielemendid 100 mikronit (5 tk.)

Toote kood: FWVC100NW250
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The choice of the filtration fineness is recommended depending on the application:

1 micron - 5 microns - 10 microns 
Finenesses particularly recommended to protect upstream ultrafiltration devices, nanofiltration osmosis or direct / inverse. Indicated for filtering public networks of water which occasionally contain fine particles.

25 microns 
This is the filter fineness cuffs that fit in standard all Cintropur Cintropur and UV filters, categories "domestic" and "industrial". Used to filter the cold water to be supplied to the closed circuit heating systems. Perfectly adapted to the standard filtration recovery of rainwater, wells, source, drilling, river or lake.

50 microns - 100 microns
Coarser fineness which are generally selected for other finenesses upstream pre filter in a first step of the charged water particles and sediments. These cuffs are also used in other applications as filtration of water, including wine from winemakers or liquids in the industry.

150 microns - 300 microns 
Real strong and flexible screens, these two headlines are made of durable nylon material and are washable. These subtleties are used for water or liquids with micro waste, rubble or granular sediments, to protect all equipment upstream. Most used by farmers, horticulturists and irrigation professionals or pumping of basin waters.

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